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I am preparing this website for Thymoma patients to share their experiences and to get some ideas as how to deal with it.  Also to provide a source of information for their families and researcher.

Please note I am not a Physician. This website is not an official cancer information site or a scientific knowledge base. Just my personal experiences with the disease and its treatments.  It is imperative to discuss all your issues with your medical doctor. Internet could be a good source of information but by no means replaces advice of a medical experts i.e.  “Never Self Medicate”

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  1. Had a major problem last week, could hardly breath. I was so weak I hardly walk from bed to the washroom! when I lye down, shortness of breath increased. hyper ventilating… I tried to sleep while siting on the couch, but as soon as I does out, would wake up with out any air. it was bad, could not sleep the while night. Next day check into emergency, it was surprisingly quiet. no one ther. they took me in right a way. took and hour to put the IV etc. and get me ready, X ray of the chest shows nothing. had to do a CT of the chest. finally by 5 7-8 pm they came in and said I have some Fluid in my Chest and that could be the caus!

    Next day an internist came in tried to put a needle in the back to drain the fluid, ! she temporarily had a ultrasound to find out where. and as soon as she marked the place. someone rushed in and took her ultra sound equipment away! Anyway, she had problem connecting the tubes to the bottle (she use a different connectors at St. Michael’s Hospital) Finally 2 other doctors arrived to help. and finally she goes in with the needle and made a few holes & could not find any water! it was a dry well!
    One of the Doctors who came to help started to take charge, she was an oriental, sounded real intelligent and confident. arranged to send me to Internal Radiology for the procedure and admitted me to Internal Medicine at Toronto General. I was asking to send me to Thoracis as I know everyone there b
    Well I saw my general surgeon today at

  2. Lots of things happened during the last few weeks. But it is noteworthy that it is about 4 month I have been trying to get into Immune Therapy program at Princess Margaret Hospital. At first I received a message from the head of the department that they are checking for the logistics. I was all excited but after a few month I found out not much was done. Specially I received a call from my surgeon that spine Surgery was cancelled as damage is too close to arteries and it might kill me… Anyway getting our hand on a fresh tumor is now unlikely. however, now I have an appointment with Dr. Siu to check if I can get into any of their phase I trials!!! what it means? who knows. will update this page soon.

  3. My general condition declined drastically since a year ago. Specially shortness of breath is a real problem. One of the vertebrae that was radiated over a year ago fractured . It is causing a lot of pain and now is pressing into the spinal cord. It get very painful when I am standing or working. It is inoperable as it is too close to arteries.

    Now after a lot of research found out that Toronto’s Princes Margaret immune therapy program is a lot of hot air and not much happening (my impression: too much internal politics and conflicts is preventing them to do the real research). Which means my only option is years away from being a real solution.

    Last week my oncologist decided that my cancer is fairly stable and recent problems are not cancer related. He arranged for another series of tests which is a goo news.

    I am keeping up with Calcium and tons of Vitamin D and anti-inflammatory stuff to keep the bones in place. By the way apparently Vitamin D +K2 increases chance for bones to receive more calcium! we have to check it out.
    Life goes on my friends.

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